Season 1 Remix Challenge

On September 9, 2012, eight food enthusiasts came together for some chopping and mixing under the guidance of producer Benoit Beignet Morier


Make a music track using the sound files from Season 1 SensoriuM events.

In 90 minutes and with no previous music editing experience (with the exception of Paul Scriver), this is what our participants came up with:

01. The Lady Cheese Shop

remix by: Satoshi Ikeda (Professor + Activist for Sustainable Global Futures)
               David Szanto (Experimental + Performative Gastronomy)


remix by: Koby Rogers Hall (Public Interventionist)
               Nina Vroemen (Concordia University Greenhouse)

03. Artificial World Tour

remix by: Jess Glavina (Student, Geography + Urban Studies)
               Paul Scriver (Artist + Sound Engineer)

04. Dark Side of the Mushroom

remix by: Liliana Galvis (Ayurveda Therapist)
               Arkadi Lavoie-Lachapelle (Artiste + Activiste)

Inspired? Use the audio from SensoriuM event documentation on this site to make your own remix and send it to

We will add your music to the site!

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