WHEN: Saturday, JULY 20th, 2pm

WHERE: Meeting at 5478 St. Laurent Blvd


Midsummer Mile End Tour from natalieecuad on Vimeo.

*Please note that this site is an artistic platform and should not be treated as an authoritative source for food consumption. The projects and events documented on this website should instead be viewed as thought experiments. Consume at your own risk.

*Veuillez noter que ce site est une plate-forme artistique et ne doit pas être considéré comme une source d'autorité pour la consommation alimentaire. Les projets et les événements documentés sur ce site doivent plutôt être considérés comme des expériences de réflexion. Consommez à vos risques et périls.

Join artist Taien Ng-Chan and Leah Garfield-Wright of Compost Montreal and rediscover Montreal's Mile End through its edible plants.
A special publication accompanies the tour.

Walk #3 - June 18, 2013

In preparation for an Urban Foraging Tour this summer, a series of walks took place in Montreal's Mile End. These informal research expeditions were open to all, free of charge, ambling meanderings in search of random encounters. This twelve-minute movie features some of those from Walk #3, in which a Social & Cultural Anthropologist, a Scientist, a Singer-Songwriter & Student of Naturopathic Medicine, an Urban Forager and two Artists exchange knowledge about freeganism. 

Walk #2 - May 28, 2013

This ten-minute slideshow features some of those from Walk #2.

Walk #1 - May 14, 2013

And this five-minute slideshow features some of those from Walk #1...

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