Botanical Animal

BOTANICAL ANIMAL was a two-part event that consisted of an ARTIST TALK on November 30th and a TOMATO CANNING EVENT on December 1st, 2012.


BOTANICAL ANIMAL is a two-part event that consists of an ARTIST TALK on November 30th and a TOMATO CANNING EVENT on December 1st. BOTANICAL ANIMAL features the work of Toronto-based multimedia artist Amanda Marya White, whose work explores the relationships between people, cities and ecology.  In her artist talk, Amanda will introduce her body of work in a range of media from drawing to performance and interventions, with a special focus on food-related projects.  This will provide a context for the TOMATO CANNING EVENT to take place the following day. 

During the TOMATO CANNING EVENT, participants will be invited to can tomatoes together while experiencing a multimedia installation by Amanda, including drawings, photographic documentation and plants.  This installation emerges from an ongoing project in which Amanda develops a closed-loop system for growing her own tomatoes.  In her description of this process, she says: “I attempt communication with plants by revisiting a mutual and biological relationship that exists between mammals and their food plants. To do this, I incorporate the natural cycle of a fruit-eating mammal (frugivore) and the principals of seed dispersal into the human process of food crop cultivation. I grow plants from the seeds of cherry tomatoes that I first purchased from the grocery store, then ate, and deposited in my waste. The seeds were then harvested from my waste, planted and grown into fruiting plants. I am now continuing the cycle by eating and growing further generations of the tomatoes. [This] is an ongoing project, existing in my garden, and as a gallery installation.”Participants will take home the fruits of their labour in the form of a jar of very special tomatoes whose origins surely won’t go unconsidered.

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