Hunter, Gatherer, Purveyor



Hunter, Gatherer, Purveyor from natalieecuad on Vimeo.

WHEN: Saturday, SEPTEMBER 14, 2pm

WHERE: Meeting at la Ruche d'Art St- Henri, 4525 St. Jacques


Calgary-based artists Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton led participants on a tour along the Lachine Canal. We became HUNTERS and GATHERERS of local resources along the way. With the help of their mobile popsicle/iced tea cart, the artists acted as PURVEYORS of edible art objects, which they shared with participants in the community garden at La Ruche d'Art St.Henri.



  1. Hi there,

    I attended one of your events a few weeks ago (hunter, gatherer, purveyor) and really enjoyed it! I believe that too often citizens forget the physical geography of where we are situated, and it's enlightening to munch on berries in the city.

    Just as a general comment: I study agricultural and environmental sciences at mcgill, and I noticed that for your event, you collaborated with artists (which is amazing), but it struck me that there are a lot of scientists (students and professionals alike) whose jobs / specialties are to look at trees for example. Or edible urban fruits. Or mushrooms. Things like that.

    I understand that the Le Sensorium builds partnerships with artists, but maybe also consider students / scientists too? A large part of these events are geared towards public interactions, which should be part of any scientists' repertoire (and artists too :) ).

    As a possible suggestion for a future event: urban beekeeping (santropol roulant, le jardin crapaud, mcgill, some residents illegally keep bees too, and I'm unsure if it's good to expose them to the public).

    Keep up the great work!

    A fan,

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